Kibo Code: 7 Things New Starters Should Avoid

In the current era, many new e-commerce businesses have emerged in the business and industrial world. Especially after many have experienced dismissals and lost their jobs due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Decreasing income, while needs remain the same and increase, making many people rack their brains. Besides, many application developers are competing to offer on-line stalls to sell. However, indirect transactions are certainly not without risk, for that Kibo Code is here to provide comfort and convenience for new business people, visit this page to know more about

7 Things Beginner Business Entrepreneurs Should Avoid
1. Too late
Accuracy is the first impression that will build customer and investor confidence in the business of nada. Do not underestimate the timing, because it can be fatal. Use the right moments to grow your business. Like during the pandemic, this is an opportunity to develop your business in an online business.

2. High Expectations on Profits
When starting a business avoid high expectations of big profits. Because business is something with a high risk. It is unheard of if a business is spared from possible losses, as long as your business continues. Maximum turnover is a measure of the enormous risk of the business. So, don’t break your spirit by expecting risky possibilities.

3. Financial Management
Another aspect that novice businessmen should avoid is major fund leaks. This can be avoided by separating income from personal expenses. Managing finances requires precision and accuracy. Once you make a mistake in recording, it will affect service performance and production

4. Work alone
A business cannot be run alone, professional hands are needed to help. Most beginners, feel hesitant to recruit people because they have to pay additional costs. However, this should be avoided, because you need a touch of thought from other people to scale up the product.

5. Not Doing Network Expansion
The next mistake to avoid is complacency, by not trying to expand the network. Even though a business will be said to be successful if its expansion capabilities are good. The more we are known, the more that will glance at our business. So there may be many investors, who help your financial problems.

6. Not testing Business Ideas
Most new business owners come up with business ideas that haven’t been market tested yet. As a result, the product is difficult to get the persona of the consumer. This should be avoided as it relates to the age of your business. Try to do evaluation and development every month. So that quality is maintained by developing more innovative products.

7. Planning is not mature
It relates to business ideas, products, payment transaction systems, and customer service systems. If no careful planning is done, such as using mobile banking transaction tools. So it is possible to experience difficulties in the payment mutation checking system.

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