Is the “Buy And Hold” NASDAQ100 Investment A Good Strategy?

Buy and Hold sounds easy to run. This is a form of passive investing where after buying a NASDAQ100 index, you close your eyes and wait for your investment to grow in the long term. In this case, there must be pros and cons with this strategy, why? Every investor must have their way or style of investment, they should be because the decision to buy and sell indexes should come from oneself after studying and seeing the business prospects of the indexes purchased. In the meantime, if you need a better strategy in trading NAS100, you can visit right away.

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There are several scenarios where the buy and hold strategy will be a bad strategy for your investment, and this is very possible in the dynamic world of investing.

It could be that you have held a NAS100 for a long time, then market conditions that were previously in an upward trend suddenly experienced a shock and the market changed direction, there was a bearish trend (down) triggered by the global financial crisis and this happened when it was close to your retirement, then with this event, the benefits that you have accumulated over the years will be reduced or even erased.

Or in another case, you buy a US100 that in the last few years has performed satisfactorily, then something bad happens to the company you bought the indexes for and makes the company go into a bad phase and appear disappointing, and worse, there is no hope of getting up back. If this happens then of course the investment that you have hope you will enjoy the results when you retire is not what you expected.

Be aware that it can be dangerous to turn a blind eye to the market and the companies you are buying indexes from while investing. You should pay attention to the market scenario and the company’s performance, so you can consider selling the indexes when the quality of the business or management is in trouble.