Three Common Movements of Watches

Some of us probably only buy some of accessories womens watch or jewelries that we really like but we never think about them as objects. Everything as an object has their own functions and they also have their own types. If you want to know about three common movements for watches then you need to read this article. We share a lot of information about womens watch because we understand that it can be an interesting topic for our readers.
We realize that this kind of topic can attract few of attentions from people therefore we share this information on our website. The first type of movement that you may have on your watch is called as Quartz and this is the most popular movement for watches in the world. You may see almost all types of brands use this type of movement for their watches. This type of movement is also very simple therefore many of watch manufacturers produce their watches with this type of movement.
The quartz watch is powered by the battery so it has an age for the duration of its battery. If your watch has a good battery then it can work longer than the ones who have bad quality battery. In general, a watch that has the quartz as its movement machine is not so expensive because it is a very common and standard machine for a watch.
Normally, a quartz watch also has a second hand that ticks each second and it moves in its own ticks. The second type of movement for watch is called as mechanical and it needs a natural winding. If you want to operate your mechanical watches then you have to swing your wrist a little bit so it works properly. The last type of movement for watches is called as automatic and it has a kinetic energy from the people who wears it. She needs to move her wrist to operate her automatic watch.