Types of Honey Masks

There are many types of honey masks that you can find on the market. Each type of mask has different characteristics and advantages. Find the type of honey for oily skin mask that suits your skin through the reviews below.

Clay mask and wash off mask, clean and remove dirt on the skin
Clay mask is a mask made of clay and contains natural minerals. This type of mask is suitable for oily skin owners because it can remove excess oil and sebum in the skin. However, for those of you with dry skin, you should not use a clay mask because it risks making the skin even drier. Owners of dry skin can try a wash off mask or rinse mask with extra moisture. How to use a clay mask and a wash off mask is similar, namely by applying the mask on the face evenly. After the mask dries, rinse it thoroughly. You can continue with a skincare routine for maximum results.

Sheet mask, restore skin moisture with practical
This sheet-shaped mask, which was popularized by South Korea, is suitable for dry skin owners. This mask is also suitable for use in hot weather or when traveling. Generally, each sheet mask contains a moisturizer and serum that is formulated to hydrate the skin. Sheet masks are popular because they are practical and easy to use. You just stick it on your face and rest for a moment. Then, open the mask sheet without rinsing. You can apply excess essence to the neck or other body parts, such as the elbows and knees.

Overnight mask, for supple and radiant skin the next day
Overnight mask or sleeping mask is a mask that is worn before going to sleep at night and left on overnight. This mask is usually used as the last stage of a skincare series to lock the product’s nutrition in the skin. In order not to stick to sheets or pillowcases, it’s best to use an overnight mask about 30 minutes before going to bed. This type of mask is claimed to help the skin regeneration process while you sleep. In addition, the sleeping mask will keep the skin moisturised for several hours. You can rinse it when you wake up. After rinsing, your skin will feel fresh, supple, and bright in the morning.